Welcome to Jostedal Industrier. We are a company with broad technical expertise, currently developing and manufacturing medical equipment and pellet stoves. Ever since we opened in 1996 we have focused on developing high quality and user-friendly products. Do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do for you. Also feel free to visit our factory at Gjerde in Jostedalen.



According to their website, Enova will from week 20 (May 13th 2013) no longer give financial support to buyers of heating centrals (air/water and liquid/water heat pumps and pellet boilers) for new houses, or to pellet stoves through their subsidy program. Applications registered prior to week 20 will be processed normally. Read more about the subsidy program here (link in norwegian).

Jostedal 2

50% SPRING SALE - Pellet stoves

Want an affordable premium pellet stove? We are clearing our stock of pellet stoves after the winter season, and are selling our high-quality Jostedal II pellet stoves for NOK 18,500.-. With financial support from Enova the total is brought even further down. Ordinary list price of NOK 36,750.-. Read more about Jostedal II here or contact us for details. The offer is subject to availability, but otherwise valid until May 31st 2013.


New website

Welcome to our new website! There has long been a need for an update, and now it has finally arrived. The website is self-developed by us, and our hope is that we have taken a step towards a better user experience for our customers. If you have comments or issues with the new website we would appreciate it if you would give us some feedback.